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Welcome to Heritage Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Why Choose Heritage

Hello, my name is Mary Brinkman. I am a married and happy Grandma, although a young active one, who loves Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs! This is our link to the world of Ridgeback people and future Ridgeback people! What is a Rhodesian Ridgeback? An amazing and beautiful companion, a fierce guardian, a great foot warmer and so much more!
Rhodesian Ridgebacks are loyal, loving, somewhat independent but fiercely attached to their human pack. They will turn from the obnoxious neighborhood Westie rather than fight a dog they could destroy with one bite. But throw themselves in front of you and yours if they think you’re in danger. While being able to handle extremes in temperature they are not an outside dog unless you are an outside person. They want to be near their peoples. Not drooling in your lap, or pestering you with their ball, but near you, whatever room you’re in, whatever project you are working on. Quietly at your feet, or walking at your side. (Well sometimes not so quietly, they are known to be talkers!) They are people dogs, not outside yard dogs. Easy to keep clean as they have short coats and little to no odor.
Our family of RR’s is currently our three girls, a mother daughter pair, Grand Champion Courage’s Sassy Sadie of Miles RN JC CGC and her daughter Ella, Ch. Courage’s Elegant Heritage Of Afrikka and the youngest of our three, our Slovakian import, Basia. I have LOADS of pictures of all my girls and all our puppies! Not to mention their adoptive human families. (Actually I think I may be in trouble with our kids as I have more pictures of doggies than grandchildren.)
This website is a work in progress so enjoy the pictures, everyone of them is one of our dogs, (puppies) and their families. Take note of the information and please feel free to contact me with questions! For our most recent activity and LOTS of videos and pictures check out our Facebook, and Google+ links in the upper right corner of our home page. I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you enjoy getting to know Heritage Rhodesian Ridgebacks!

Rhodesian Ridgeback Reviews

E. Hansen
I highly recommend anyone looking for a Ridgeback to use Mary as a breeder as they will not be disappointed.  When I arrived at Mary’s house she and Sadie greeted my family and me and we were asked to remove our shoes.  At first we were a little unsure why but Mary proceeded to explain it was for the protection of the puppies so we did not track in any harmful bacteria or viruses. I already knew by talking to her on the phone before I came how invested Mary is with her dogs and the homes they go to but watching her in person interact and care for the dogs was amazing.  Mary took us to the whelping box along with Sadie to greet the puppies.
E. Hansen- Phoenix, AZ
S. Blanchard
Mary gave me great information on the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed which helped me to know more insight as to their individual instincts and traits. I also was comforted knowing that my pup ‘fit’ me and my lifestyle and she was looking out for my best interest when it came time for puppy selection. The time she spent with the pups assured me that they would be properly socialized around adults, kids and other dogs. Thank you Mary!
S. Blanchard- Colorado
A. Henry
We got our dog Taz from Heritage Rhodesian Ridgebacks 2.5 years ago, and he has been the most amazing dog. We had to have him fly out to us in CA, which he handled really well for a little puppy. He is beautiful (we can’t go anywhere without people stopping us to comment on him) and so well-behaved. He has such a mellow, content temperament and happily has been so great with our 10 month old son, since he came into the picture. We could not be happier with Taz and we hope to get all of our future pets from Heritage as well!
A. Henry- California
J. Gill
I met Mary and her husband over 3 years ago when I searched the US (literally) for reputable Rhodesian breeders. Not only was Mary helpful over the phone to talk about her love for this breed but she also was well established with other national breeders due to the pedigree of her litter. Once the puppies were born, I traveled to Arizona to meet with Mary and experience her loving home with Mesa’s mother and __ new puppies. As a newbie to the breeding industry, I was very taken by her attention to the dogs, cleanliness of the space and the wonderful backyard that provided a playground as they grew.
J. Gill- Boise, ID
J. Cruise
I am writing to tell you about the wonderful experience my husband Mark and I adopting our Ridgeback Puppy Max. Mary kept in contact with us frequently and walked us through everything we needed to do to prepare for our puppy. Everything was very professional but yet had the personal touch. We felt very welcome to visit and ask questions. I was very impressed when we got Max home. Mary had done so much work with him already. He already knew to potty on the grass and to watch us. We were able to visit many times and spent time with the mom and sister. Both were very well taken care of and in good health. Mary worked hard to match each family up with the dog that was best for them.
J. Cruise- USA
J. Buss
Warning! If you are looking to purchase a puppy and move on this is NOT the breeder for you! When you purchase a puppy from Mary you get the whole family! We are proud to be a member of this family. I currently own/co-own 7 ridgebacks. All have a common thread to this family. You will get support from us all. Weather you have a show, pet puppy or a re homed dog you will always have support. Don’t get me wrong there is no hovering over you but you will know you can call, text or e-mail anytime. If you want honestly good, sound, quality ridgebacks this IS the family you want to be a part of. I write this on behalf of our kennel, Hilltop Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Zuri, Zohan, Nia, Kenya, Shimmer, Shango and “Truman”!
J. Buss- Denver, Iowa
K. Wickum
Mary has become a good friend and I would recommend her to anyone. I was lucky enough to meet and spend time with all of the pups at 6 wks of age and at 8 weeks when it was time to take our new little family member home. I got to spend time with Mary and learned just how much time and knowledge it takes to whelp a litter of puppies. I could see in the puppies how happy and smart they all were. And that they were are handled and cared for in such a loving way. Mary was very strict with the cleanliness of where the pups stayed and with anyone who came into the house to handle them. She spent time training them and teaching them manners.
K. Wickum- Lyons, CO
K. Suppan
OK…A little note about getting our Rhodesian Ridgeback Zoe. I got her at 10 weeks old. It took 8 weeks from there to know she was potty trained. But if my family was more vigilant and more consistent, it would have been faster. Consistency with every family member, is important for quicker housebreaking and training. She is great in the car. She is great at the vet. It is easy socializing her as she plays well with children and anyone. She could eat incessantly. Like all puppies, she does look for anything to chew so we are still ( at 6 mths) keeping an eye on chewing and giving making sure she has adequate doggy toys to chew. Our last dog that we raised from puppy hood was a Vizsla.
K. Suppan- Oregon
L. McGuiness
Working with Mary was pleasant and easy. You can immediately tell she has a high regard for the breed and is looking to do what’s best for the dogs. She allowed us to visit the puppies in her home pretty much any time she was available, she took great care of the puppies, she provided medical documents, health records and assisted us in the registration with AKC. When I’m in the market for another ridgeback, I wouldn’t hesitate to call Mary. Read More
L. McGuiness- Anthem, AZ
L. Mercado
I had been searching for my pup for 8 long months before I came across Mary. I reserved a male boy in advanced. Mary and I spent hours daily on the phone, this was my first Ridgeback and dog owner as an adult. She was so helpful and answered endless amounts of questions I had. We quickly created a friendship and bond that I knew would last throughout the years. The big day arrived and my baby boy, who I named Guinness, was born. I knew that he would be a life changing experience in my life. Mary kept me updated for the following 3 months before I brought him home.
L. Mercado- California
M. Kornfeind
My experience with you was great! Capone has been a wonderful addition to our family. He has such a personality. He loves to snuggle. You were so helpful with providing me a lot of information, and keeping me updated on him before I picked him up. The way you set up everything insured that the entire operation ran smoothly. I couldn’t have been happier with with everything!
M. Kornfeind- California
R. Fessler
I want to give a huge thanks to Mary at Heritage Rhodesian Ridgebacks for helping us find the perfect companion for our family. Mary has been very informative and helpful from the very beginning of the process before any of the puppies were born to even now. When I originally told Mary what we wanted in a puppy there were a lot of factors that came in to play, one being we have two small children and one with special needs, so we needed to have the right puppy that would fit into our lifestyle. We left the decision making of what puppy to bring home completely up to Mary, she temperament tested all of them and suggested that “big block” would be the right choice for us.
R. Fessler- Phoenix, AZ
S. Smith
I called Mary before the puppies were even born and she said that she would call me when they are born. She would call and updated me and then when they did arrive she set up an appointment with me to come and spend time with the puppies and their mother. She took the time to let us play with the puppies, explain their breed, and what to expect as they grow. Our RR, Sage, is a big part of our family and great with our 1 year old son, as Mary said she would be.
S. Smith- Phoenix, AZ
T. Perkins
Tremendous shout out to Mary Brinkman, Mak’s Breeder! We could not have been any more pleased that we found her when we did and luckily she had one last male pup! The surprise to us was that Mak was pick of the litter and had been tagged as the litters show dog. The cleanliness of her home and the puppies living quarters and the kind nature of Mary, along with her caring way with all of the puppies told our family that the we had found the perfect breeder. After we took Mak home and began to work with Mary and Jane, we continued to discover two amazing women that truly care about the Rhodesian breed and the pups they breed and raise. It has been an amazing family to be a part of! Thank you.
T. Perkins- Las Vegas, NV
B. Foust
From our first visit to see the puppies at 5 weeks we were impressed with how responsive and receptive they were to us. Mary had them socialized and training well underway at this point. Mary is always available to provide information and/or answer questions not only prior to taking the puppy home, but anytime thereafter.
I would highly recommend Mary to anyone considering a RhodesianRidgeback.
B. Foust- Tucson, AZ

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