The Adoption Process

Our goal is to breed quality Rhodesian Ridgebacks of correct breed type, healthy genetically and emotionally, and outstanding temperament. We want our pups to become part of the family.

To be on the puppy waiting list, please complete theĀ puppy adoption application. The application gives me an idea of what you would like to see in your new puppy. Please share how you plan to provide an active home and plenty of socialization for your new Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. I value educating prospective buyer's on what owning a large active dog means. While an adult Rhodesian Ridgeback is content being a couch potato if that is it's owner's habit, a young Rhodesian Ridgeback needs regular exercise and stimulation or you are bound to have issues. It is our goal to only sell puppies to people who have thought carefully through what it means to have a Ridgeback. Our canine companions deserve to be activated, to have purpose and stimulation in their lives and to be included as part of the family pack.

Consider the following:

  • Plan to take a day off or have the opportunity to bring your puppy to work the first time after delivery. The next few months while the puppy is small, arrange your schedule so that the puppy will not be home alone all day.
  • Check if anyone in the family is allergic before you even consider buying a puppy.
  • Think about whether you have time to activate and socialize your puppy so it gets the conditions needed to be a well adjusted part of your family.
  • Be prepared for the expense of quality dog food, equipment, dog courses, vet visits, vaccinations and insurance if necessary.
  • Rhodesian Ridgebacks are not "back yard dogs". While they enjoy their time outside and can handle all kinds of elements, they are "people" dogs and need and enjoy human companionship.
  • We require a deposit to hold any puppy. A pet deposit agreement will be sent.
  • If we are unable to provide you a healthy RR puppy your deposit will be refunded.
  • We put a lot of effort in socializing the puppies. They will meet all kinds of people in all ages and sizes, including if possible other dogs and other animals. (After they are vaccinated)
  • Week 0 - 4 50%

The first 4 weeks the pups will live in a puppy pen in our downstairs doggy room adjacent to our family room. When they turn 4 weeks we re-position the whelping box, as well as raise the sides, (so puppies stay in, Mom can go in and out to nurse) so as to teach the puppies to use the dog door and go outside to our puppy play yard where they will enjoy a variety of activities and sounds, both inside and outside the in the house, all things they will need to live with. They will also spend a lot of time outside exploring the world, enjoying various activites and toys, with the thought of helping them to be the healthy athletes they were bred to be.

There are many dog breeders out there. Some have several litters a year and do not provide proper socialization and support for their buyers. The best way to make sure you are purchasing a healthy pup from an ethical breeder is to meet in person and inspect the premises. It is our preference to meet all our puppy buyers. We have an open door policy and we encourage anyone considering purchasing a puppy to visit us, as well as any other breeders they are thinking of buying a puppy from. Check out 8 questions to ask your next dog breeder.

Adoption Process

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