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November 3, 2013

Customer Review by E. Hansen


I highly recommend anyone looking for a Ridgeback to use Mary as a breeder as they will not be disappointed.
When I arrived at Mary’s house she and Sadie greeted my family and me and we were asked to remove our shoes. At first we were a little unsure why but Mary proceeded to explain it was for the protection of the puppies so we did not track in any harmful bacteria or viruses. I already knew by talking to her on the phone before I came how invested Mary is with her dogs and the homes they go to but watching her in person interact and care for the dogs was amazing.
Mary took us to the whelping box along with Sadie to greet the puppies. The puppies were all outside and Mary got them to quickly come in through the dog door by calling out “Here Pup.” The puppies were all so cute and playful. Mary showed us, which dog was available and I fell in love at first sight. We took the puppy outback to a fenced off grassy area to see how he would interact with us. While we were outside Mary asked us questions about what I was looking for in a dog and explained in great detail about Rhodesian Ridgeback heritage as well as her philosophy on breeding. Mary explained that she breeds for temperament, which was important to me because there are small children in my family. She was looking for the right owner to match the personality of the puppy. She was open and honest in her communication that if she felt it was not a good match she would not allow me to take home this particular puppy. I really respected the fact that Mary is careful in the placement of her puppies in a forever home where they will be loved and nurtured.
On May 24, 2013 I returned to Dewey to pick up my 8-week-old puppy, Diesel, and bring him home. Throughout our 2-hour ride home Diesel was very well behaved, he never cried and had no carsickness. Potty training was a breeze due in large part to Mary having already had the puppies use a dog door. Diesel only ever had two accidents inside the house and one was my fault for not taking him out quick enough when he let me know he needed to go. I may be a bit prejudice, but I feel Diesel is one of the smartest dogs, he learns everything quickly and with such ease. At 5 months old he graduated from puppy school and now at 7 months he is just finishing his intermediate training. He does not have a single aggressive bone in his body. He is playful and full of energy but at the same time he can be strong willed and independent. Diesel has become such an intricate part of my life, I could not imagine being without him. Someday I hope to get another Ridgeback, when that time comes I will be sure to contact Mary in hopes of receiving another one of her incredible Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

E. Hansen

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