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Kristen Watkins, San Diego CA
I am a zookeeper and come from a background of animal science, care, and training. I am a big advocate of rescuing dogs and take adding a dog to my family very seriously-especially a purebred one. When my partner and I decided we wanted to get a puppy and started researching, we both quickly knew we wanted a Rhodesian ridgeback. We also knew that finding the right breeder was very important to us.

San Diego has a large RR community so we connected with several groups and started contacting RRCUS breeders and eventually found Mary through another breeder. Once we talked on the phone, Alan and I KNEW we had to get a puppy from her. She was so passionate, animated, and educated in the breed. She talked to us about genetics, about AKC shows and lure coursing events her dogs had attended, she was so devoted and had so much love for her dogs. It was obvious right away that this was much more than a business transaction, this was a mama choosing who to rehome her kids to.

We were thrilled when Basia had a litter of 11 healthy puppies and Mary chose us to be show-quality parents. As the puppies grew up, we received regular text updates, photos, and videos from Mary. She always made time to answer our questions. She took a long time deciding puppy placement- another sign of a great breeder. She knew the puppies best and placed each puppy with the appropriate home based on temperament and conformation.

When we were ready to pick up Rohan (in the middle of a pandemic) she made sure we could safely meet him at her home, along with Basia and Mowgli (his parents).

Rohan is an exceptional 6 month old puppy. He’s been the easiest, sweetest, most even-tempered puppy. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better addition to our family. And I really think it has to do with Mary and the dogs she chose to bred and the love she raised the puppies with in their first two months of life.

We still regularly communicate with Mary and the owners of Rohan’s litter mates. It’s a community we cherish and feel lucky to be a part of. I can’t recommend Mary enough. If you’re lucky enough to receive a puppy from Mary, you won’t have to question the amount of time and energy Mary spent on them.  Any dog from Mary is going to represent the best of the best in the breed. Thanks again for our best friend, Mary!
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