8 Questions to ask Breeders

You can learn allot from how a breeders answers these eight questions:

  1. How many dogs do you own?
  2. Do you have or breed other animals besides Rhodesian Ridgebacks?
  3. What health guarantees do you provide?
  4. Where do you keep the dogs? (An outside kennel? Inside?)
  5. Is the house or kennel clean?
  6. Can I view the area where the puppies are raised?
  7. How are your dogs socialized?
  8. Can I contact one of your previous buyers?

We welcome all questions and we are happy to provide as many referrences/reviews as you would like. We also have videos of our previous litters and LOTS of pictures!

After completing the  puppy adoption application, I’ll get back to you about the waiting lists, puppy deposit, and a visit to my place to meet my girls, and of course the puppies once they are born.

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